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If you have 2 or more computers in your home or office, and you want to share files, drives, and printers between them a network is what you need.


Wired Network

Wireless Network


¢.40 per feet needed

$1.20 for estimated. 3ft.

Network Cards

$17.00 per computer if needed

$66.00 per computer


$ 55.00

$ 55.00

Network Installation




$140.00* (not including cable & network cards price.)

$192.20 **


* Wired Network

* Prices for wired networks may vary. Most computers come with network cards for wired networks. So this price will only be in the total if necessary. In wired networks each computer will need cables connected from the computer to the router which will provide the length of the needed cable.

**Wireless Network

** Prices for wireless networks may vary. Every computer on the network will need a wireless network card except one. So, if you have more then two computers that will be on the network add $66.00 per computer to the wireless network total.